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Latest Shopping Haul

I don’t shop that often here in Dumaguete so we go shopping out of town as a family, especially when Papa comes home to the Philippines. :) As you would’ve guessed, it’s my parents’ wallets that get the beating. Heehee I don’t have much in my ‘savings’ (if a couple of thousands still counts. lol). Hey, don’t get me wrong, I AM very economical. But Nursing ransacked almost everything I had. Haha! So what can I do? Anyways, I always make it a point though to keep track of the things I’ve purchased, makingsure I’m staying within “MY budget” , murmuring mental calculations on the way. I make sure I don’t splurge as much as my brother. He kinda loses track of everything ‘shopping’. peace! lol 

Just so you know, it  has been a family ‘tradition’ to drop by Simala in Sibonga, Cebu (where the Marian Monks Monastery is situated…kinda like the Holy Land of the Visayas) & the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño in Cebu City before heading to the shopping malls. We left for Cebu last April 11 & we stayed at the Golden Prince Hotel. I must say, the view from our room is just lovely - overlooking the city & the bay area! <3 Plus, it’s only a 2-min. walk to Ayala from our hotel! How awesome is that? Definitely worth the price! :D Anyways, on to my goodies! :))

Just thought I’d do a post to show you guys a *few* things that I have purchased last week:

Magenta-colored top (Loft) | Printed top (Gaisano-Ayala) | sunnies (SM dept. store) | Tan satchel (Parisian) | Mint-colored tote bag (Belladonna) | High-waisted skinnies (Red Jeans) | Brown wedges (Primadonna) | Floral ballet flats (Solemate) | Ankle strap platform sandals (Forever 21

Shoes will always be part of my list, for sure! Haha. :p

Meet my new babies!!! :) New add-ons to my collection♥ :D

Brown wedges (Primadonna| Ankle strap platform sandals (Forever 21| Floral flats (Solemate

I am a total sucker for heels (I keep repeating myself, don’t I. lol)! But I’d definitely go for comfort & style when looking for the perfect pair. So no ‘stilts’ for me. Prolly when the occasion calls for it, then I’ll brave the heights. ;) These babies look prettier & higher in person though! They’re not much, but totes worth the price! ;) 

Best part of this whole trip? Spending PRICELESS quality time with my family, of course. :) That, for me, is the ultimate investment!Shopping was just an added bonus. ;) Hope you’re all having a great weekend with your family, as well! 

P.S. My NLE review classes officially begin tomorrow, so wish me luck you guys! ;)