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I decided to dress up as a cat from the musical, “Cats” for this year’s BASH PARTY (Feb. 18, 2012).♥ Say hello to costume modification! :)) Hype this on LB here.

Did my own make-up & cat ears, by the way. :D What do you think? :)

Forever21 purple peep toe wedges. <3

Save the best for last! :) 

Freshmen - Fantasy
Sophomores - Thriller
Juniors - Sci-Fi
*Seniors - Musical/Drama*

Credits to Ate Eds for curling my hair & Xteve for the photos. =) 

My come-back/first look for 2012! It’s good to be back on Tumblr & Lookbook! It’s been 3 months since my last entry. Been very busy with school since the start of 2012 so I apologize for the lack of blog posts. :D Graduation’s fast approaching but I still have tons of requirements to accomplish. Wish me luck you guys!!! =)
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