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Thank you so much! =)

Read my replies to:

♥ dayanarapolangcus: Thank you, Dayanara! Cute emoticon, by the way! =)

♥ flowersoutofpaper: Awwwww. So glad to hear that. :) You’re the sweetest! Thank you, dear! <3

♥ adonnaneedsadonut: Oh hi there! :D Come visit Dumaguete!

♥ charleneajose: Why, thank you so much! Next set of artworks by the end of this month, hopefully. ;)

 ♥ Anonymous: =) Whoever you are.

Awwwww. You guys are the sweetest, I swear! Your messages made my day. =) Again, thank you so much! 

PS. So sorry if I just responded to your messages now! Better late than never, right? ;)

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