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Fleur Princesse (Outfit Post)


I’d rather have flowers on my head, than diamonds around my neck. ❀ ❀ ❀ 

Finally got to post again on Lookbook after 5 long months! Hooray! Gimme some love by giving this a hype here. Pretty please? :)


Finally had the pre-birthday photoshoot last month, none the easier to execute (the universe conspires against it for some reason). *cue in Taylor Swift’s 22 song* My brother was kind enough to do this with me, amidst his ‘busy’ sched. He knows I’ve always secretly wanted to become a “flower princess” and my birthday was nearing, so he gave in. Hahaha Really grateful for these dreamy photos! Now I’ve got something off my bucketlist! Yay! :D 

Turned 22 last Sept. 25, by the way. 


This photo turned out to be my favorite in the bunch! It’s soft-focusy and just dramatastic, if that’s even a word! lol


No, we weren’t in the wilderness (lol). We decided to sneak my “flowery head” into our neighbor’s unoccupied house and fulfilled my flower-princess-fantasy on their untamed forest of a garden. It was the perfect location!     



Too bad I wasn’t able to document & take photos of how I made my latest DIY project (flower crown). Boooo. (Was originally planning to share a tutorial! But that’s for another time, I guess) It’s pretty easy to do, trust me! ;) 



Hello, fat cheeks! :))

And because we were on a zero-budget photoshoot (Boohoo), I had to do my own hair & make-up, yet again. Please excuse my lame attempt at trying to do-it-a-pro-MUA. I came from a job interview that afternoon so I had to rush & get everything done in 30 minutes as soon as I got home - from delicately putting eye make-up on to curling my now extremely long hair! Luckily, we made it just before the sun began to set.  



The girl who is obsessed with flowers & anything that’s vintage.♥

Here’s the behind-the-scenes footage. Enjoy!

Fleur Princesse BTS from Sarah Charlina Abanto on Vimeo.

Photos by Xteve Abanto

Post-processing by yours truly.


How I Quit Nail-Biting


Many of you do not know that I used to have onychophagia (or in simple terms, nail-biting habit). Now that’s a very random & disgusting fact about me! Honestly, I really don’t know why I had this nasty habit but I suspect it may have been caused by oral fixation (I was a thumb-sucker in my toddler years - the reason why I don’t have perfect set of teeth. lol). Confessions of a nail-biter! Here goes..


Been nail biting for almost 2 decades! Here’s proof of how awful my nails were. Just downright ugly, right? Hahaha I can’t stare at this photo without even cringing! 


Everytime I looked at my tiny finger nails, I just felt…pathetic. I just hated the way my hands looked! It’s as if they belonged to an immature nine-year old. It was just embarrassing for an adult female like me. I attempted to quit, but failed so many times. It came to a point when I felt like just giving up, simply because it was too difficult to resist the urge and control myself from biting my nails. (Yes, the feeling of hopelessness). All I just wanted to do was break the habit…forever

It was only August of 2012 when I finally decided to end this bad habit of mine. (I was starting to feel worried about how people thought about me.) The mere thought of quitting seemed very simple, but it felt so hard, initially. I knew that if I’d succeed at this, my self-esteem will boost & it will significantly change the way I see & feel about myself. I was so determined. I had to take it seriously.


And voila! Say hello to my long/ slender nails! :) It has been more than a year now. I’m one happy girl! 


Painting my nails is something I enjoy doing now! I remember I used to get so envious of my classmates who regularly had a manicure at the salon. Hahaha.



(These photos are from my Instagram, by the way.)


The compulsion to bite my nails is gone now, miraculously! This is definitely one of my biggest achievements and it still amazes me to this very day! Never thought I’d be able to put an end to this habit. It’s just a matter of self-discipline, self-control, motivation & determination! Anything is possible! Remember, it’s all in the mind. Believe that you can do it. ;)

To all the nail-biters out there, it’s never too late! I know it’s not going to be easy but trust me, it’ll all be worth it in the end! You will surely feel more confident about yourself. <3 I can now proudly say that I’m a certified non nail-biter! :D

P.S. If you’ve had the same experience too, freely post your comments below or leave a note hereI’d be very glad to hear from you! :)


My 3rd Set of Artworks♥

13 14 15 Drawing/ rendering hair is a lotta hard work, trust me. It’s complicated & vey time consuming; but I find it very pleasurable. ;) All artworks here are original ©sarahcharlina. *Do not use them without my permission, or make a profit out of them. PLEASE.* ;)

Pencil and paper ©sarahcharlina 2013

View more of my sketches here. Or visit my art portfolio:

Me and my best guyfriend, Jed, singing our own version of Clarity (by Zedd). Finally did our first “cover” after so many failed attempts! I know this is embarrassing but this is such a dream come true for us! Hahahahaha. Again, this is our first time & this is nowhere near perfect, so pls. no hatin’! (Pagbigyan nyo nah! Just unleashing the “Annebisyosa” in me. Hahaha!). lol Enjoy! :)

P.S. This was shot at my dining room at around 2AM last May 18. :p


Anonymous asked: Hello. This is really very simple and I feel silly not knowing how, but, how did you change the font color of the title of your posts? I really appreciate your response. Thank you!

That Summer Afternoon (Outfit Post)


Salmon blazer | Tank top (Loft) | Striped bandage skirt | Ankle strap platform sandals (Forever 21) | Bag (mom’s) . Show me some love and give it a hype on Lookbook here. 

It’s been months since I last posted on Lookbook! After a gazillion years, I’m finally back with my latest look! The uber long hiatus is over! :) *happy dance*


That boring summer afternoon.

It was a perfect day for a quick mini photoshoot, since I was off from hospital duty, thank goodness! And as you have guessed, I sort of coerced my brother (again) to do this shoot with me. lol My personal photographer since the day I signed up for Lookbook (circa 2010). I am very indebted to him for both his talent and his…patience. Hahaha. Talk about loyalty! Forever grateful! ♥


The adorable necklace my bestfriend, Glenna, gave me on my birthday 3 years ago. She knows I absolutely love anything that’s vintage-y! ♥

And look at how long my hair is already!! :) 


Ankle strap platform sandals from one of my ultimate favorite brands, Forever 21

Went to F21 at the Mall of Asia a few weeks back, and I swear, I was just ogling & drooling at all the lovely sky-high heels on display! I had to resist my shoe-shopaholic self so I’d not end up buying a pair.

Don’t you just hate it when you want something badly but you just couldn’t purchase it (at the moment) ‘cause you’re broke? Heartbreaking, isn’t it? *sigh*  

Prioritize needs, before wants (yeah, right. Hahaha) - That’s what I always tell myself. Have to be extra thrifty!  


My brother’s 50 mm lens does wonders!

We shot this in our village (in front of my house), by the way. I had to hurriedly run back to the house from time to time just so my neighbors wouldn’t see me; but sadly; a few of them did! Boy was it embarrassing!! Hahahaha. IMG_3408

One of the semi-candid shots were I almost tripped in my 5.5-inch heels! Blame it all on our bumpy road! Hahaha. Please excuse the awkardness of this pose.  -___-” lol

Til my next outfit post!


Photo Diary: Boracay 2013 in Polaroids

Since I just got back to blogging a few days ago, forgive me for this super delayed travel blog post! But better late then never, right? :)

Let me just warn you that this blog entry is photo heavy! (Read: photo heavy post). Out of the 300+ Bora photos, I narrowed it down to 64, choosing only “the best” ones, for your convenience. Hahaha. It was a lotta hardwork, I tell you! Editing & creating a collage can be a pain in the arse sometimes (blogger problems right there). Okay, enough with the blabbing. Let’s get on to the pictures! 


Flew to Boracay on board Cebu Pacific last March 14. It was another fun-filled trip with my girlfriends (my blockmates then in college). Never really thought this trip would push through since we were all living our separate lives (after passing the Nurses’ Licensure Exam last July) and we only “jokingly planned” about this getaway last 2012. Everything was sort of last-minute too - from booking our plane tickets online to searching for affordable hotels!   


10AM - Touchdown Caticlan, Aklan! Their airport somehow reminded me of our airport here in Dumaguete, since there weren’t too many airplanes on the runway. And I love the “probinsya” feel too!

We then took a 15-minute boat-ride to get to Boracay Island! 


Hello, BORAAAA! It definitely is one of the best white sand beaches in the world! A perfect place for some fun and relaxation with friends & family. No wonder thousands of tourists, both local & international, flock to this island. It’s just breathtakingly beautiful!   


Who doesn’t love group jump shots? With Eve, Camilla, Micca, Colleen, Sam & Aries. =) Cue in Nicki Minaj’s “Starship” song! 


Selfie! Finally mustered up the courage to wear a two piece bikini after a gazillion years! Hahaha. You might be cringing and raising your eyebrows right now (that judgey look). lol Pagbigyan nyo na! I ONLY LIVE ONCE, and I’M ONLY YOUNG ONCE! Hahahahahahaha. And besides, it’s Boracay baby! :p


Okay, so moving on. Hahaha. There are 3 stations, by the way. We stayed at station 2, Boracay, where most of the awesome shops & restos are located. (Okay, bias. Haha)    

Photos of random Korean tourists. They’re everywhere, I tell you! Everywheeeeere! lol I just love their unique taste in fashion! It’s amazing how they can practically pull off almost any outfit! *sigh*  


There’s nothing like feeling the ultra powdery Boracay white sand between your toes! ♥

Went for a swim & a stroll around the long stretch of beach with my fellow Registered Nurses. 


Boracay at night! Had dinner at some seafood resto then enjoyed some reggae-jazzy music at some bar. I especially loved the band’s reggae version of John Mayer’s “Sunday Morning”. Totally eargasmic!

At around midnight, we then headed to “Club Paraw” to parteeeyyyyy, of course! Hahaha. It was jam-packed (no photos to show you, though, ‘cause most of ‘em were blurry)! 

And that ends DAY ONE. :)


Let’s now proceed to DAY TWO!


Woke up so early for our first “water activity” - Helmet DivingTried to contain my excitement but I just simply couldn’t! LOL. We were given some instructions on safety and hand signals prior to the actual dive, since we were all first-timers!

Oh and check out our “diving shoes”! How cool are they? (Sponsored by “Memorata”. Hahahahahaha!) Nurses on duty even when we’re all on vacay! lol 


My turn to go helmet diving! :) My heart was beating so fast ‘cause I was extremely excited and anxious, at the same time! You never really know what’s down there!

According to our diving instructor, our helmets weigh 25 kilos out of the water, but only weigh 5 kilos underwater (Don’t ask me how that even happened. No idea either). Just awesomesauce!


Awkward teeth chattering underwater. It was an awesome experience to be 30-ft below sea level but it was just freezing cold down there!! Look at our fake smiles. :p 

Upper right photo - Some random fish ruined that awesome shot! Thanks a lot! -_- Hahaha. FAIL. 


Next activity: Island hopping and lunch at Puka beach! The upper left photo’s the ever luxurious, Shangri-La resort. 


Snorkeling in our flashy life jackets! I swear we had so much fun (as evidenced by the look on our faces)! :D Too bad we didn’t get to try “Zorb” & para-sailing. Oh well! There’s always a next time. ;)   


Another night of fun! This time, we went for a relaxing stroll along the shoreline. Went star gazing & played “Pinoy Henyo” (our all-time favorite game. Hahaha) 


Free entrance for the ladies at Epic Club Boracay! What a perfect timing!!  


If you’re looking for world-class dining and partying, then Epic Club is the place to be!! Partied ‘til dawn and just danced the night away with my girls! And oh, hello there, cutie!♥ Yep, the DJ got us falling in love again but we definitely found love in a hopeless place! (I think I just did a mash-up) HAHAHAHAHA. :p What an epic night!


*Just some friendly tips: Save up and make a budget plan ahead of time (you will need A LOT of money, trust me); don’t forget to bring your camera & your summer essentials; make sure you try some of the “Boracay activities” and as much as possible, travel with your friends when going to Boracay (you get to enjoy more, plus, you get to wear a two-piece bikini without parental consent, based on my experience! Hahahahahaha!) :p

Definitely going back to Boracay! And of course, I’m looking forward to more out-of-the-town (or country?) trips with my girls! Til next time! ✈ ♡ ☼    


Eye see you.

Eye see you.

With my lovely neighbors/ childhood bestfriends, Glenna, Patti & Justine, (last December, 2012) singing along to our favorite song, Teenage Dream.♥ Now we know what it’s like to be in a music video! Hahaha. Enjoy! =)

P.S. Legit video editing sure is one tough job, I tell you (this is my very first attempt, by the way)! The hardest part (of editing) was trying to perfectly synchronize the actual song with the lip movements. It required a whole lot of patience! It probably took me 8 straight hours to polish & finish everything. Again, I’m still a total noob at vid editing & this is nowhere near perfect. ;)

Videographer: Xteve Abanto (my brother)
Video editor: Sarah Charlina Abanto
Song: Teenage Dream - Katy Perry 
DISCLAIMER: The background music belongs to Katy Perry & her label company, Capitol Records.

(Sarah Charlina Abanto x Glenna Christina Duch x Lissa-Patricia Duch x Justine Seastres)♥ 


Look Who’s Back!

My tweet earlier: “Maybe I should end the long hiatus soon.”


Well, waddaya know! Surprise, surprise! C’mon show me some love & sprinkle some confetti, people! Haha

This is to prove that I’m still alive and kicking! And my blog is not dead…yet. :) I know it’s been 3 months since my last blog post. My apologies! I’ve been very busy. Very busy. Okay, maybe that’s just the easiest & most legit excuse I could think of. You probably missed me (or maybe you didn’t? Haha). A lot has happened in the past few months (go re-read my tweets). I should have just queued some posts, yes? Regrets! *sigh* Talk about blog post backlog! :p Me & my mañana habit again. Ugh. This is not good at all. I’m such a bad blogger, I know. 

The selfie photo above was taken last weekend in Ocean Adventure, Subic. (Did I gain a few pounds? Haha.) Anyways, I really do hope I could make up for my absence here. And oh, I haven’t updated my Lookbook too, which is kind of ironic since I have all the time in the world now (student life is over; it’s been a year!). It’s not too late yet!

What have I been up to lately? Work at the hospital as a nurse (it’s stressful, I tell you; but the experience is worth it!). And now I’m trying to look for an online job. Help, anyone? (Oh the desperation!) And I’m always on Twitter (tweeting 24/7) and Facebook, by the way! I usually don’t go online but I’m always on FB. Just scrolling. Judging (Hahaha Kidding!)

Til next time! Smooches! :*